The day it all came together

Twenty years ago, we got started with our first initiative in the heartfelt campaign. Little did we know that the next 20 years would take us in so many different directions!

Our humble beginnings date back to Boise, ID and our 1 500sqft office space. When we first started, we had all the typical questions that a non-profit would have. Will we have funding, will we make enough in donations, will we be here next year. Thankfully, we've been around for 20 years and we're here to stay.

After moving to Austin from Boise back in 2007, we have continued to operate the organization with the same set of principles that we set out with from the beginning. The move wasn't easy, and it certainly took it's toll on our body, mind, and spirit, but we overcame! A huge warmfelt thanks goes out to the movers in Austin that helped faciliate the move.